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Who We Are

Maid Service Quote is the conduit between residents and professional cleaning services. The creators of MSQ are trusted cleaning professionals who have been serving their communities for decades. Scheduling your home to be cleaned is simple, easy and fast. Pick your options, get your quote, schedule your cleaning and then enjoy your clean home. It only takes about a minute. 

Consider the Alternatives

Online marketplace websites are springing up right and left. They promise fast service at a dirt-cheap price. But stop for a moment and consider what you're getting for the money. When you hire an independent contractor through a third-party tech company, you have no idea if the person:

•Has gone through a background check
•Has been trained professionally
•Is licensed and insured

You don't take your pet to a roadside veterinarian. You don't allow random strangers at a park to babysit your kids. Why would you allow an uninsured, unscreened person to have the key or security code to your home?

True Professionals

A home cleaning scheduled through us will be delivered by a licensed and insured company, one with years of experience and a track record of trust and reliability.

We strive for timely, efficient service and your complete satisfaction. 

Best of all, you pay nothing until the work is done!